Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Golf Fitness Specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  Registered Respiratory Therapist with experience in Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.  Change Management and Human Behavior.  2014 NPC Universe National Figure Masters 3rd Place.  2014 NPC Garden State Overall Figure Masters Winner.  

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​More than twenty years of knowledge and experience coaching individuals to develop the motivation, commitment and discipline to achieve their highest potential in health, wellness, relationships and business.  Certified in behavior change and completing doctoral dissertation in performance psychology with a focus on nutrition and exercise performance​

Debbie helps you fit food you like to eat into your plan and a workout schedule that fits your life.  With her help I acheived my fitness goals and learned ways to maintain them for life.  

Kristyn E, Manager & Mom

Two words come to mind when I think about Debbie's approach to nutrition - accountability and discipline.  She embarks on a journey with you to discover the body you always wanted and educates you how to stay away from the body you had.
Tyron T,  Former College Athlete

When I first started, I nearly passed out from the workouts and had no energy. With the custom nutrition plan and workouts I lost 30 pounds, eat healthy and am more focused as an executive

Tom T, Business Executive

Achieving high power health may seem overwhelming, but with the right coach, tools and support you can succeed!  Built on decades of knowledge and experience with hundreds of individuals with various goals, I provide personalized coaching and group seminars to help you reach your goals.​

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