I only had a few weeks to increase my endurance for the Police fitness test and Debbie provided me with a step by step fitness and nutrition plan to exceed the requirements for my job.

Lisa K, NJ Police Detective

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My job as a police officer in the NYPD is stressful so maintaining physical fitness and nutritional health is crucial.  With Debbie’s expertise I exceed my strength and endurance goals and eat healthy with a vigorous work schedule.

Christine C,  NYPD Police Officer

What my clients in Law Enforcement say

Law enforcement health coach

Incorporating exercise and nutrition into a busy law enforcement lifestyle may seem challenging, but with the right coach, tools and support, you can succeed!  My law enforcement clients seek my help in achieving their fitness test requirements, building strength and endurance and improving their overall health.  

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I work different shifts which makes it hard to plan meals and make time to workout.  Debbie taught me how to work around my changing schedule and find healthy foods and I lost 20 pounds.

Todd C, NJ Police Officer

Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Golf Fitness Specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  Registered Respiratory Therapist with experience in Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.  Change Management and Human Behavior.  2014 NPC Universe National Figure Masters 3rd Place.  2014 NPC Garden State Overall Figure Masters Winner.  

​More than twenty years of knowledge and experience coaching individuals to develop the motivation, commitment and discipline to achieve their highest potential in health, wellness, relationships and business.  Certified in behavior change and completing doctoral dissertation in performance psychology with a focus on nutrition and exercise performance​